Welcome, I'm Toma.

I'm interested in creating physical and digital systems to track our information streams and ultimately create biopersonalized algorithms by integrating physiological data. You can find some of my writing related to these topics.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD at Columbia University in the Mobile X Lab.

I was previously an undergrad at the Unversity of Washington, exploring Ubiquitous Computing, Neural Engineering, and Entrepreneurship. I am also a Neurotech enthusiast, previously led Synaptech and wrote articles with NeurotechJP.



2024-0603: I'm headed to Tokyo to attend MobiSys24' to present preliminary workshop work on laser power delivery!

2023-1102: Excited to share that Pikachu won me People's Choice Award at UIST24's Student Innovation Contest!

2023-0410: I'm happy to share that I'm headed to Columbia University to start my PhD in Computer Science with Dr. Xia Zhou and the MobileX Lab! I have also been awarded the NSF GRFP!


My first post, Personal Information Space: a reflection on how to best contribute to information space, along with my thoughts on how personal information space will fit into our future.

My take on desktop Windows as Attention Streams: thoughts on the desktop experience and taking a more intentional approach to workflows can further help us track our overall experience.


Reach out on Twitter or email me at tomaitagaki at gmail!